About Us

Aglex is a leading company in the LED industry, specializing in the development, production, and sales of LED products. Established in 2016, our company has quickly become a comprehensive and trusted source for high-quality LED lighting solutions.

One of our primary focuses is on the modern agricultural and therapy industries, where our LED products play a critical role in enhancing plant growth and providing therapeutic benefits. Our extensive range of products includes LED grow lights, aquarium lights, therapy lights, and pedicure lamps, all designed to meet the specific needs of our customers.

At Aglex, we prioritize quality above all else. From the initial stages of research and development to the final stages of production and after-sales service, every aspect of our process is carefully monitored to ensure the highest standards are met. This commitment to quality has allowed us to effectively meet the diverse demands of our customers and establish a strong reputation in the global market.

Our products are distributed worldwide and are renowned for their excellence. To further instill confidence in our customers, we offer a generous 5-year warranty on all our products, and the majority of our products and components are UL, ETL, CE, and ROHS certified. This dedication to professionalism and reliability has earned us the trust of our customers and partners.

We are always looking for new opportunities to collaborate and grow our business with our customers. By working together, we can leverage our expertise and resources to achieve mutual success. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the industry, and we are eager to explore new ventures and partnerships.

At Aglex, our goal is to make planting easier and help our customers achieve better yields. We achieve this by utilizing top-quality components, such as Samsung, Cree, Bridgelux, Epistar, and Epileds branded LED chips, as well as UL drivers, fans, wires, power cords, and high-quality aluminum heat sinks. The result is a range of high-quality LED grow lights with high PAR value and PPFD, delivering exceptional energy savings and long lifespan.

In conclusion, Aglex is dedicated to providing innovative and reliable LED solutions for modern agriculture and therapy applications. Our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and industry-leading products sets us apart as a trusted partner for businesses and individuals alike. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and contribute to the success of your projects. Thank you for considering Aglex for your LED lighting needs.