AGLEX E600 LED Grow Light, Full Spectrum Grow Light with UV IR Diode, Grow Lights for Indoor Plants with Daisy Chain & Built-in Silent Fan, Plant Growing Lamps for 2x2 FT Coverage

【High Yield & Low Power Consumption】Our led grow lights feature 280 high-quality LED beads, boasting an impressive energy efficiency of 2.3 μmol/J. The light's above is made of acrylic glass, which enhances light penetration and overall efficiency. Compared to traditional HPS lights, you can save up to 60% on electricity bills, as our E600 LED grow light is equivalent to a powerful 240W HPS light while consuming only 60W!
【Ideal Full Spectrum】Our plant light offers an ideal full spectrum for various growth stages of plants. The warm white light (3000K) stimulates flower production, while the white light (5000K) encourages plant germination. The red light (660nm) is perfect for promoting flowering and fruiting, and the blue light (460nm) accelerates plant growth. Additionally, the UV (400nm) light provides essential nutrients for the plants, while the IR (740nm) light increases overall plant yield.
【Daisy Chain Functionality】Take advantage of the convenient daisy chain feature! Our LED plant growth light can be easily connected to other models of the same series. You can connect multiple lights together to maximize their coverage area, but the total power in series cannot exceed 1000W.
【Enhanced Cooling with Built-in Fan】We understands the importance of maintaining an optimal temperature for your light fixture. That's why our plant light comes equipped with a high-speed, silent fan that ensures efficient cooling, extending the light's lifespan and enhancing overall performance.
【VALUE FOR MONEY & AFTER SALES】AGLEX LED Grow Light provides truly 3 years standard After Sales 30 days no reason refund, and 7/24 satisfying customer services. If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to message us. We will help you with great pleasure!